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What is a Fusion Point?

A Fusion Point is simply the combination of an important industry challenge and your offerings. Fusion Points drive revenue by making a deeper connection between your solutions and the client's problems. Since both Sales and Marketing are working off of the same playbook, this approach builds strong alignment:


  • Marketing receives real-world feedback on what's working (and not working) in the field
  • Sales has access to deeper insight on the client's challenges and most pressing concerns, along with the relevant marketing content


We’ve studied the most important issues, trends and topics facing your customers. Unlocking our Premium Features allows you to map your solutions to these urgent challenges to “plug in” to our research, enabling:


  • Marketers to develop powerful, relevant content and messaging focused on your customers’ major concerns
  • A deep segmentation scheme, with multiple sub-segments per industry. Although sophisticated, this segmentation approach is made instantly actionable using our:
  • Contact title to segment mapping
  • Persona briefs
  • SEO keyword suggestions
  • Sales Playbooks – brief, accessible online, and linked to your Marketing content
  • And much more


Using Fusion Point inspires an intense customer-focus for your Sales & Marketing efforts. Each "Problem ‹―›› Offering" combination acts as a hub for how your company helps client with that specific issue.  All of our content on customer needs, along with your Marketing and Sales support content is linked to this hub. We develop different “pitches”, or approaches for these situations. Each Fusion Point then drives, by segment:


  • Your Outbound Marketing approach
  • Your Inbound Marketing approach
  • Your Sales Lead follow-up approach
  • And your Sales Account Planning approach


Using A/B testing and Sales rep feedback your Fusion Points constantly evolve and improve, with Marketing & Sales working from the same playbook. Fusion Points answer this simple question “how does our company currently helps clients with this critical problem?” In the current age of product proliferation, with large B2B companies offering thousands of products across dozens of product lines this question has become extraordinarily difficult to answer. Our software manages this task, and allows both Marketing and Sales to offer the same clear, confident and customer-focused response.



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fusion point research Marketing Research Reports