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Marketing to Omni-Channel Management in Retail

Understanding Their Role

Online shopping has had a profound impact on the traditional retail business model. Store-based retailers are developing new approaches to the market combining both digital and store-based capabilities, while previously online-only retailers are opening physical locations where consumers can shop or pick-up merchandise. These changes not only effect how consumers shop, buy and get products, but also how retailers manage back-end operations like inventory and shipping.1 As retailers expand into multi-channel organizations, they must work to ensure the consumer experience is seamless across all touchpoints. “Omni-channel,” or, using technology to integrate online and offline shopping experiences is a major challenge for retailers.2 Important omni-channel goals include:


  • ensuring consistent customer experiences across all channels
  • allowing consumers to research, ask question and provide feedback digitally
  • offering both home-delivery and in-store pickup options3
  • using stores to act as billboards for the brand4, allowing shoppers to touch, sample, pick up and physically interact with products5


Multi-channel projects are moving away from defensive tactics to protect against threats like Amazon.com, or from manufacturers selling directly to consumers, towards strong growth initiatives to develop brands, attract new consumers and drive incremental revenue.6 Developing seamless, omni-channel experiences requires significant investment in technology and changes to operational processes.7


“The lines have completely blurred between brick-and-mortar and e-commerce…. The great challenge for retailers today is how to make the experience seamless.” – Jim Gold, President of Neiman Marcus Group.8

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Retailers are building a mix of online and store-based channels to meet evolving consumer requirements. Integrating the shopping experience across all of these channels is a big challenge.